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      1-Tube Notching Machine

          Tube Notching Machine is an alternative process replacing existing process of manufacturing by Press route , Milling , Mitering, Laser Cut , etc. 

          Tube Notching Machine is applicable to Automotive , Furnishing  Industry ,Home Appliances , Gymnasium ,HVAC Pipes , etc . for Tube end Preparation.

          Technical Specification 

          Hydraulically operated.

          PLC Controlled.

          Angle variation flexibility up to 30 - 120 0

          7.5 - 12 HP Power requirement 

          Salient Features 

          Consistent Quality & Productivity.

          Profile Consistency.

          Low Tool maintenance.

          Economic Operating Cost. 

          * Punch resharpening alert through SMS.

          Suitable for faster Prototyping.

          Forming & Notching operation can be performed in single stroke.

          * Feature of higher version Machine