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      Administrative Structure
          The board of the directors constitutes from seven Peoples. Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer are the Directors of the Board. Samridhi-Sanjeevani has hired professional Chief-Executive –Officer to deliver Mission Mode Project C.E.O of the Samridhi-Sanjeevani is empowered by the Board to sign agreement on the behalf of the Organization. 

          The Team of the Consultants from education Sector & Corporate worlds provide consultancy services to “ Samridhi-Sanjeevani”. Forty five people are working in different projects of Survey and analysis under the leader ship of our dynamic CEO. A team is working to develop business model to financing the farmers to purchase Bio-Fertilizer to increase the yield of Crops. 

          We are interested to replicate the outcome of research for solar-loan in low income group of peoples. We believe in the concept of Horizontal Organization structure to deliver objectives of the projects, credibility and effective leadership.