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      Bolt Threading Machine

          The Bolt Threading Machine is use to cut the external threads with the help of Tangential chaser. Chaser is use as a cutter in Bolt threading machine. Bolt remain still, Die-head rotates and different type of threads can be cut parallel and taper such as BSPT, BSW, BSP, NPT, UNF, METRIC, UNC, ACME, BSF Threads. The machine mainly consists the following:-
          Head Stock
          Bed or Pillar Type Clamping Vice
          BOLT THREADING MACHINES are designed to give maximum efficiency and reliable performance under the most severe conditions of service with minimum maintenance cost. All the necessary requirements are combined in this model to from the basic fundamentals of correct bolt threading. All the gears are made of case hardened steel with extra large face with and tooth thickness and cut on hobbing machine for noiseless operation even at high speed. Naturally the are built with high standards of workmanship, material and quality so closely associated with COMPANY TRADITION.

          Machine Sizes in Inch:  3/8" to 1.1/2"
          Machine Sizes in mm: 9 mm to 45 mm
          Length of Bed: 52”
          Width of Bed: 12.5”
          Height of Bed: 12.5”
          Length of Pety: 52”
          Width of Pety: 19”
          Height of Pety: 20”
          Length of Slide: 18”
          Width of Slide: 12”
          Height of Slide: 3”
          Length of Head: 15.5”
          Width of Head: 12”
          Height of Head: 12”