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      Replaceable CNC Live Centre
        MT3 MT4 MT5 MT6

          PRASHTECH offers Live Centres wherein one can easily replace worn-out Tip (Centre-Tip) in less than five minutes and continue machining operation without any downtime. These are suitable for CNC as well as conventional Lathe Machines. Special Allen Key is provided for this purpose. By clamping Tip in a vice or chuck, then inserting Allen Key through a hole in the shank of Centre, worn-out Tip can be unscrewed and removed. Spare Tip is provided along with the Live Centre. During such replacement, the factory fitted bearing arrangement is not disturbed. Hence original accuracies are retained.

          PRASHTECH Live Centres are heavy duty; incorporating arrangement of three bearings. These bearings are effectively protected from outside dust & coolant by state-of-the-art design of ‘Labyrinth’ or ‘Oil Seal’ depending on model. Specialty grease is used for permanent lubrication. All this ensures excellent performance with controlled run-out under severe conditions of load, speed & dirt. These Centres can operate continuously at high RPM like 4800 etc. Tips of various shapes can be used as spares with same Live Center. Standard, Copying & Pipe are types available ex-stock. Tailor-made Tips are manufactured on request. PRASHTECH Live Centres are manufactured in Morse tapers MT3, MT4, MT5 & MT6.

          PRASHTECH is OE supplier to ten leading CNC manufacturers in India. Customers all over India are supported with team of our Dealers.

          Key Product Specifications & Parameters:

          • TIP (Centre-tip) replaceable as a spare part
          • Choice of various shapes of Tips
          • Total protection from coolant due to Labyrinth Seal
          • Controlled Run-out due to triple bearing arrangement
          • Permanent lubrication with specialty grease
          • Designed to operate for heavy duty, high RPM applications.