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      Triplex Plunger Pump

          Features :

          • Performance conforms to API 674
          • All the tripos series pumps are designed for almost any medium. Selection of specific material for the liquid end part depends on the physical & chemical properties of the liquid to be handled
          • The Plunger-Cylinder unit is an excellent arrangement in terms of safety and maintenance
          • Power end parts are lubricated by splash type arrangement or forced lubrication
          • Crank shaft is in high quality forged steel & is supported by antifriction bi-metalic bearings. Sturdy, balanced design, easy for maintenance
          • High performance non return valves on suction & delivery side
          • Highly convenient for maintenance
          • Plunger is hard chrome plated
          • Flow rate is fixed capacity
          • The liquid end part can be equipped with cooling, heating or flushing systems depending upon the application