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      Skid Mounted Packages

          We offer the complete engineered skid mounted chemical dosing system (Chemical Injection Skids). The engineers who form the nucleus of our team have a great experience in converting your specific dosing requirements into well engineered simple skid mounted dosing packages. This approach saves our customers’ time to source individual components to get a perfect solution for your dosing application.

          A typical dosing system incorporates:

          • Solution Preparation Tank Single or Compartmented - Rubber, FRP Lined, HDPE
          • Chemical Dosing Pumps Single or Multiple
          • Stirrer (Agitator) - Rubber, FRP, Glass Lines
          • Valves, Fittings
          • Interconnecting Piping - Plastic, Metallic
          • Instruments like Pressure Gauges, Level Gauges, Level Switches, PRV Controllers, Sensors etc.
          • Control Panels, Annunciate C