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      Progressive Cavity Screw Pump

          SC Series Pumps are Progressive Cavity Screw Pumps (SC Series). These pumps are installed all over India and even abroad & the company has a very wide customer base in process industries like Food, Pharma, Paper, Power, ETP and WTP, Fertilizer, Chemical etc.


          • Simplicity of design, easy for maintenance
          • Steady flow without pulsations, minimum turbulence
          • Temperature range : 50°C to 350°C
          • Maximum delivery pressure: 30 kg/cm2
          • Maximum permissible solid content up to 50%
          • Negative suction up to 6mwc, low NPSH
          • Slurries, pastes upto 5,00,000 centipoise
          • Flow rate maximum up to 50 m3/hour