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      Vibrating Fork Level Switch

          The Vibrating Fork Level Switch is specifically suited for sensing the presence of low-density dry powders or fine granular solids in bunkers and silos. It’s stainless steel symmetrical fork offers reliable operation with even very low-density materials.

          The operation of vibrating fork level switch is unaffected by parameters such as changing material composition, changing moisture content and low specific gravity.


          A low frequency signal is used to vibrate the piezo-electric crystal. The crystals connected to the tines of the fork cause them to vibrate.On contact with the material, these vibrations get damped. The attenuation in the vibrations is sensed by the electronics that generates an alarm.

          KEY FEATURES

          • Calibration free and easy installation.
          • Insensitive to material build-up.
          • Field selectable fail safe mode.
          • Adjustable time delay.
          • Meets International Standards
          • Built-in Diagnostics
          • Customer specified insertion lengths up to 6m with cable or pipe extensions.
          • Compact as well as remote mounted versions available