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      Valve Component 3
        ME 012

          We are manufacturers of precision-machined components including assemblies for various applications since 1999. We provide precision machined components and assemblies/ sub-assemblies of excellent quality at competitive pieces.

          Advantages with us:

          • ISO 9001-2008 Certified Co.

          • Capability to handle precision & complex Components & Assemblies across Industrial spectrum with the State of art Technology &contemporary Practices of Manufacturing.

          • Experience in machining of all variety of Engineering Materials.

          • Extensive Exports experience of supplies across the world.

          • A Green channel and Preferred Supplier to ALSTOM/GE, ROTEX ETC.

          • An Ambitious, Fast growing & continually evolving Group.

          • Seamless integration with customer supply chains worldwide.

          • Enhanced Process control & Quality Management through use of CNC Machines.

          • Auto Tool Probing, and CAD/CAM System.

          • Near Zero Customer Rejection / Complaints.