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      Motor Protection Circuit 3VU13 & 3VU16


          In machine tools, textile machinery, automobile, food and many ather process industries robust and compact devices are required for disconnection and protection of plant and individual loads. Although such loads are of smaller ratings, the protection devices still have to have adequate short circuit breaking capacity. Further the devices should be compact, for simple, efficient and suitable for maintenance free installation. Siemens 3VU circuit breakers have proved themselves in such applications.

          Motor Protection Circuit breakers type 3VU13 & 3VU16 offer overload, short circuit and single phase protection for 3 phase motors upto 11kW and 22 kW respectively. The breaker has a toggle switch for ease of operation and can be offered with auxiliary contacts, trip indicating contacts, U/V or Shunt release. For ratings upto 6A in 3VU13 and upto 25A in 3VU16, the breakers have high S/C capacity of 100kA . 3VU16 is also available with only S/C release for use with an external overload relay as in case of motor starters.