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      Pressure Reducing Turbine

          Wide Choice of Turbine models

          To achieve highest possible efficiency, IB Turbo has a range of Turbine Frames to provide the highest possible Power generation from the Customer’s steam conditions.

          Current Models are

          PRT – 4 – Upto 6 TPH

          PRT – 6 – Upto 14 TPH

          PRT – 6 SS -- Superheated

          PRT – 8 – Upto 28 TPH


          International Quality

          „„IB Turbo’s technology is based on Industrial Grade Turbine design.

          Turbine is separate from the Generator and has independent bearings and Shaft.

          „„The Turbine is independently supported from the Base frame.

          Durable Quality

          „The Rotor is supported on the turbine’s double side bearings and is Ring lubricated.

          „A separate Thrust Bearing caters to the load due to Moisture Carryover with the steam.

          „Steam Seals

          „The steam seals act on the Turbine rotor which is a Chrome Plated smooth surface, providing extended life to the Carbon Ring seals.

          Touch Screen HMI Graphic Interphase

          „The Touch Screen on the PLC Control Panel enables a very user friendly      interphase. 

          „The Panel displays Turbine and Grid Synchronizing data in a clear, easily understandable format.

          „The position of Steam flow control valve is also indicated on the display.

          Power Metering on HMI display

          „The Colour Screen indicates the Power generated on Daily and Totalized Basis.

          „The Operating Hours and Power generated are recorded simultaneously.

          „This is a very useful tool to check Performance of the Turbine and Return on Investment.

          Products Details

          Saturated Back Pressure Steam Turbines.- PRT

          Single stage                                                    40 -1000 KW

          Inlet pressure from                                           7 Kg/Cm2 - 21 Kg/Cm2

          Inlet super heat Minimum                                 Dry Saturated steam.

          Outlet pressures from                                     1.0 Kg/Cm2 -4 Kg/Cm2

          RPM                                                              3000

          Direct drive turbine with Induction generator and PLC control for fixed back pressure.