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      Tapered Caps/Plugs - Large Flange Range

          Tapered caps/plugs - Large Flange Range is preferred to obtain excellent protection and sealing. These components can be used for dual purpose as it works as both cap and plug. When it comes to sealing and protection features, these tapered caps/plugs in large flange range offers good protection to the products from damages that may happen during transit and storage. The sealing portion remains perfect and protects the products from external atmospheric influences like dirt or corrosion. Applications and Benefits These components are made from LDPE as base material. It is available in attractive red colour. Applicable in different industries. Serves both as cap and plug. Easy to fit and remove.

          d1 (mm):17.5

          d2 (mm):20

          d3 (mm):18.5

          d4 (mm):16.1

          D (mm):34.9

          h (mm):14.3

          To Fit Thread Size As Cap:M18

          To Fit Thread Size As Plug:1⁄2" BSP