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      Automated Multi Parameter Water Analyser
        AQUA SENSE

          Product Features 

          Faster Analysis < 8 mins
          Fully Automated, the water sample & reagents are automatically pumped into multiple sensors and the analysis is done simultaneously for 12 parameters and completed in less than 8 Minutes.
          Minimal Sample < 1.5 Litres
          The system is designed with minimal sample in-take for sample analysis and cleaning, <1.5
          litre for analysis of 12 parameters.
          Low Reagent Consumption

          The Analytical Methods are optimised to perform the analysis using low volume of reagents.

          Remote Data Transfer GPRS & 3G

          The system has in-built GPS facility for Location tracking, GPRS/3G/4G Facility for remote communication and transfer of data to centralised servers. 

          ReAgent Tracking​ ELICHECK TM

          The system has a in-built reagent tracking mechanism to alert the user on reagent/solutions stock levels to plan for re-fill (alters are sent viae-mail or sms).

          Analyzers Features

          • Automatic Cleaning, Calibration, Measurement and Drain.
          • Automatic transfer of sample into measurement cell.
          • Calibration using minimum of 2 Standards.
          • LED indications for easy identification of process status.
          • Self Checking diagnostics.
          • Ease of Maintenance.

          Software Features

          • The Software runs on Windows Operating system (Windows XP and above) with simple to use and Rich UI.
          • Automated workflow for Sample Analysis and Calibration without any manual intervention.
          • User Authentication and access privileges can be defined.
          • Status monitoring window for indicating the reagent/solutions levels and providing the necessary alerts forre-filing 
          • User can define the working limits for each parameter to provide necessary alerts on the sample being analysed.
          • Programable parameters and calibration schedule.
          • Remote storage of sample data along with GPS location information via GPRS/3G/4G.
          • Custom Report generation and printing.