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      Professional Cutting Machine
        CFC Series

          Technology: CFC Series is based on high performance Ytterbium Pulsed Fiber Laser with high frequency scanner head, offers productive performance, capable of getting most incensed work without compromising quality and precision with quality standards.

          Features of this new CFC Series: Powerful enough to cut up to 1 - mm thick metal and few precious metal plates.

          Auto head: Standard automatic head moves ups & downs with auto controls makes samples positioning user friendly. Operating commands can be viewed and executed using the software. The possibility to import images, models, logos, texts etc., from a broad range of files with different extensions. The New CFC Series could also be fitted with a rotary axis device to facilitate Laser-marking of curved surfaces such as the inside or outside of ring, bangels or bracelets.

          Software Controlled Rotary: CFC Series can be provided with a rotary device with automatic movement, controlled by software. A tool necessary for Laser-marking rings, bangels, bracelets and all round or curved objects.

          Supports for Rings and Bracelets (Optional Device): Especially designed to be firmly applied to the rotary axis device, these three-pin chucks are perfect for Laser-marking the inner or the outer side of rings, bangels, bracelets and items with a round shape.

          Automatic zig for Plate Cutting (Optional Device): The automatic zig for metal plates provided by CFC Series makes it possible to mark and cut objects from a metal samples without bending.

          Software for Laser-Marking: Simple and easy to use, the software is able to import and export DXF, PLT, JPEG, BMP files. The software is an easy and immediate tool for the management of functions

          Control through Foot Pedal: Once the job or the design pattern is ready and the required parameters are set foot pedal will do the job for you. Same job can be repeated several times without touching the application software.

          Dust Collector: Vacuum chamber designed in connection with dust collector allows to recover the dust inside chamber.

          Model CFC 50 / 70
          Laser Source Ytterbium Fiber Laser
          Laser Power 50W / 70W
          Wavelength 1064 nm
          Beam Quality M2 1.6
          Marking Area (mm) 70 x 70 (Optional 100 x 100)
          Marking Speed up to 7000 mm/sec
          Laser Frequency up to 700 kHz
          Cooling System Air Cooling
          Minimum Width 0.02 mm
          Minimum Character 0.2 mm
          Repeatability 0.002 mm
          Marking & Cutting Depth upto 1 mm (can be achieved)
          Power Consumption 800 W
          Power Supply 220 V AC, 60 Hz / 1P / 4A or 110V / 50Hz / 1P / 8A
          Dimension (LxWxH)mm 750 x 450 x 780
          Dust Collector Standard with Machine to collect gold dust
          Net Weight 100 kg