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      Desktop Laser Spot Welding
        Forza Series


          • Real time and automatic regulations of the power supply.

          • Double light LCD Touch Screen Shutter.

          • Automatic control of the laser lamp with consequent automatic adjustment of the energy.

          • Integrated webcam

          • Better cooling chamber & Efficient air cooling system.

          • 6 preset pulse shaping programs

          • Argon Gas nozzle directly on the welding point

          • Air nozzle for cooling pieces in the working chamber

          • Extractable drawer for the chamber cleaning

          • Low noise and low maintenance 100 memories parameters

          • Frontal and big doors

          • Optional on board LIVE Video Camera

          Laser Application:

          • Easily weld precious metals and other including platinum, titanium, gold, silver and palladium.

          • Repairs old jewellery perfectly.

          • Repairs molding without removing the stones.

          • Welds the elements using weld materials and leaves them clear, sharp and without need to clean again.

          • Repairs casting defects such as porosity or breakages by simply welding those areas with solder wire.

          • Suitable for high-productive cycles.

          Welding Samples:

          1. Welding broken ring

          2. Welding on Jewellery joints

          3. Working directly on the models

          4. Welding of pins

          5. Repairs scratch and casting defect

          6. Reconstruction of stones setting

          Model Forza-100 Forza-160
          Maximum Laser Power 100J @ 20mS 160J @ 15mS
          Peak Pulse-Power 5 kw 8 Kw
          Avg. Pulse-Power 65 W 85 W
          Frequency of Repetition 0.5 to 30Hz
          Spot Size 0.2 to 2.0 mm
          Microscope 10 x 45 binoculars by leica
          Program 6, preset
          Program Memory cells 99
          Weight 40 kg
          Dimension (W x D x H) 70 x 50 x 50 cm