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          COMBUSTION SYSTEM:Open type combustion chamber in the aluminum alloy piston.
          FUEL SYSTEM:High speed diesel is supplied to the fuel pump by gravity feed through an efficient replaceable paper element type main filter
                     Class: A2 Governing.
          GOVERNING:A sensible mechanical centrifugal type governor mounted on cam staff gear
          Speed verification is controlled within the class A2 governing. - as per I S:11170
          COOLING:Water cooled engine by continuous water flow
                  Air cooled by flow of air
                  Air flow generated with help of mounting flywheel (called conventional cooling)
                  In axial flow blower is mounted in front of cylinder block & head
                  Streamlined cowling air breeze circulated
          ROTATION:Standard rotation is clockwise looking at the flywheel
                   Engine with engine rotation can also be built against specific requirement
          STARTING:The engine is designed for starting for hand
                   Self start provision for engines can be provided as per requirement
          DRIVE:Standard power take-off is from flywheel side
                Power take-off from gear end at half speed can be provided if specially ordered
          STANDARD ACCESSORIES:Starting handle
                               Exhaust silencer
                               Air cleaner
                               Hand tools