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      Training Solutions

          Benefits Of Our Training:

          Soft Skills Training is an important part of any Management Training and has a significant impact on Leadership Development. We focus on the elements that require a change in behaviour & thinking. The duration our of training programmes is just for a couple of days.
          These trainings are delivered to Corporate sector or Educational Sector or even Individuals. These Programmes have been developed after years of research and are being improvised continually. Benefits of our training will be:

          Self – Exploration & Knowledge:
          This will help the participant to understand what he needs to do in a crisis situation. Problems due to inflated ego or self – pity are minimized leading to better output & personal as well as professional productivity.

          Commercial Sense in Participants:
          Bringing a Commercial Sense among the client’s team members.
          Commercial sense in the employees is a must to achieve business success.

          Application of Learnings:
          Expansion of their Knowledge Repositories & Application of the learnings in their personal as well as professional scenarios.
          Without Knowledge Repositories, it would be difficult to keep the pace with the booming knowledge economy. Also, knowledge without application is like filling one’s brain with many bolts without nuts.

          Culture of Continuous Learning & Growth:
          Making the Culture of the company conducive to the growth of the company.

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            Types Of Training

            We use a combination of case studies, role plays, audio – video clips along with PowerPoint & Flash presentations. Workbooks are provided to each participant & this will make the process of learning at least 80% experiential. This dynamic combination positively impacts the effectiveness of our programs.

            We provide these services in four forms:
            1.    Create Customized Modules & Deliver the Trainings to the company.
            2.    Create Customized Modules, Deliver the Trainings & Sell the Modules to the company.
            3.    Create Customized Modules & Sell the Modules to the company.
            4.    Flash Based Digital Content.

            Soft Skills Training – Basic

            •   Telephone Etiquette.
            •   E – Mail Etiquette.
            •   Meeting Management.
            •   Business Etiquette.
            •   Effective Business Writing / Communication.

            Soft Skills Training – Advanced

            •   Goal Congruence & Organizational Alignment.
            •   Self – Exploration.
            •   Time management.
            •   Relationship Management.
            •   Stress Management.
            •   Conflict Resolution.
            •   Team Building Skills.
            •   Skills for Ethical Practices.
            •   Personal Excellence.
            •   Change Management. 

            Productivity Training Solutions

            •   5S – Method of Productivity Improvement.
            •   Kaizen – Continuous Improvement.
            •   TMM – Total Maintenance Management.
            •   Cost & Working Capital Management.
            •   Operational Excellence.
            •   Lean Manufacturing.
            •   Business Process Re-engineering.

            Strategy Related Training Solutions

            •   Business Excellence.
            •   Sales & Marketing Excellence.
            •   Customer Service Excellence.

            Engineering Related

            •  Automobile Related Trainings, with respect to Basic & Detailed Concepts, Maintenance & Overhauls of   Engines, Aggregates & Auxiliaries.
            •  Machines Related Trainings, with respect to Basic & detailed Concepts, Maintenance & Overhauls.
            •  Manufacturing & Production Technology related subjects.
            •  Process Engineering related subjects.
            Training Solutions