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      Function Based Services

          These services are our expert / function based services.

          1. Sales & Service Effectiveness
          2. Standard Operating Procedures
          3. Performance Management
          4. 5S
          5. System Based Maintenance Management


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            Function Based Services

            Performance Improvement

            Performance measures should help organizations align daily activities to set objectives. We develop Performance Measures & help in implementation by the following simple methodology.

            Organization Structure :

            •  Defining an Efficient Organization Structure.

            Roles & Responsibilities :

            • Creating Roles & Responsibilities across all levels of the Organization.

            Measure of Performance (MOPs) : 
            Developing Measure Of Performances (MOPs) by designing Key Result Areas (KRAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This development will be in the areas of:

            • Business Results.
            • Organization Effectiveness (HR Practices, Reward Management Systems & Initiative Management).
            • Operational Effectiveness (Financial Performance & Disciplinary Aspects with respect to Finance).
            • Process Adherence (Review Mechanisms, Management Information Systems & Reports).
            • Infrastructure & Facilities in the company.

            Training :

            • Training the role holders on their roles & responsibilities, the MOPs, the KRAs & KPIs.

            Implementation :

            • Implementing the measurement systems in the organization by systematically cascading them across all levels of the company.

            Continuous Improvement :

            • Reviewing / Auditing the implementation for collecting feedbacks on improvements required. Incorporating improvement measures, if any.

            1st S – Sort

            • It is generally considered as a housekeeping methodology; however this is misleading……. 5S goes beyond it.

            2nd S – Set In Order

            • It is not just keeping the workplace organized. It is about instilling the discipline in the work area to keep only what is needed there, and having a home for everything. It is about understanding visual queues – to see at a glance when things are going well, and when they are not, without the discipline of 5S, productivity improvement simply does not happen.

            3rd S – Shine

            • We develop robust systems during the application of these principles & see that they are easily implemented to suit the specific client needs, because this requires overcoming of the resistance to change, right from the top management to the operational workforce.

            4th S – Standardize

            • We help / guide / handhold clients to implement the same successfully through judicious application of this "change – initiative".

            5th S – Sustain (Make it Habit)

            • This will help build a culture of continuous improvement in the company and a sense of ownership among the process owners, paving way for a better workplace, as a first step towards productivity improvement.
            System Based Maintenance Management

            Companies require standard systems & processes for maintaining their machines & equipments such that the overall equipment utilization rate is maximized, that is, losses due to frequent breakdowns are minimized.

            The goal here is that, the company shall have a culture that focuses on improving the effectiveness of the plant, equipment and processes through the empowerment of PEOPLE.

            Following steps are use in its implementation.

            1. 5S Systems & Process
            2. Preventive Maintenance
            3. Operator Centered Maintenance
            4. Planned Maintenance
            5. Support Systems
            6. Performance Measurement
            7. Continuous Improvement
            • We develop these systems for the client & help them in implementing them successfully through guidance / training programs / hand holding sessions.
            • We develop feedback mechanisms, implement the same, to create a culture of continuous improvements.
            • We handhold the workforce in successfully implementing the above, systematically.

            This is an integrated approach for productivity improvement & a whole culture a culture which increases production, improves quality, reduces cost, makes delivery on time, improves safety and improves morale.

            Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

            Following  UDI methodology is adopted to develop the SOPs.

            Understand: Here we analyze the internal & external factors which are detrimental to the process efficiency & asses if there are any opportunities for improvement.

            Develop: Here, we develop the processes which will be a result of the above analysis.
             Key metrics for measuring the performance of the company is developed

            Sales and Service Effectiveness

            Following methodology is adopted to implement the above.

            • Create Customer Segments based on profitability.
            • Customer Management to improve Acquisition.
            • Increase Customer Loyalty through:
              • Creation of Robust Sales & Service processes.
              • Differentiated actions in the Sales & Service.
              • Cost Leadership Solutions in Sales & Service.
            • Training to sales & service teams is done so that they can effectively implement the plan developed.
            • Hand holding wherever necessary is done to guide them to reach the defined goals.