• Samuthana Consultancoaching LLP

  • Information being available in abundance in today’s world of internet, consistently catalysing just the “Doing” without much additional “Knowing” has been the main success recipe in all our Consultancoaching assignments. The Business Health Check-ups and our other interventions across various industries too point to the gap between “Knowing” and “Doing” as the main area needing a push.

    The doHow™ APP bridges this gap between the “Knowing” and “Doing” by systematically encouraging regular review of relevant practices with proven success factors for SKILL DEVELOPMENT.

    The Reference, Trigger, Recap, Checklist (Key Success Factors), Scorecard (Key Success Metrics), Self/Coach Assessment, etc. for SKILL DEVELOPMENT have already been developed for some Professional and Personal practices based on our experience. The same will be fully customised based on our Consultancoaching starting with a Business Health Check-up followed by specific interventions for Creating World Class Companies and Exceptional Leaders.

    The doHow™ APP (www.samuthana.com/doHow/) can be used by everyone for SKILL DEVELOPMENT, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Jobseekers, Retirees and Homemakers alike. We have just enabled the mass delivery of our recipe for enhancing the Motivation, Relationships, Team Work, Job satisfaction, Work Life balance, etc. for the people involved, while enhancing Consistency in Performance, Productivity, Innovation, Profitability, Growth, etc. for our clients.

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